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Instagram Roundup

Since today is throwback Thursday and it seems I’ve been spending more time on Instagram than updating my blog I thought I’d try combining the two. So here they are, some of my favorite Instagram shots from the last few months, weeks, and even days. Are you on Instagram? If so, you can find me @tonyapetphoto.

Bath Time

It’s mid-summer, and most dogs I know like to spend their summer vaca running around and getting extra dirty (I’m looking at you, Butters). Seems like a good enough time to share a recent shoot we did for Pawsh Magazine. As some of you may know, I’ve worked with Pawsh as a contributor to their quarterly magazine since it’s inception – a pretty sweet gig, let me tell you. It’s really been a wonderful experience. My current assignment is to shoot the stories for the brand-spanking new wellness column in the Pawsh blog. The first column? How to Bathe a Dog and it’s a must-read. And you can have a gander at the pics below. It was a ridiculously fun shoot and I can’t wait to see what future columns will bring. Stay tuned….

Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff

Here’s a great name for a pet jewelry company – Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff. But you can’t have it, because there is already an awesome company with that name. (Insert smiley face here.) When the owner, Madelaine, got ahold of me and told me she made jewelry, I was excited. I mean, what girl doesn’t love jewelry, right? But wait — Pet Jewelry?! Suddenly, excitement turns into full-blown giddiness and I’ve got a box of sweet furry fashion accessories to shoot. And look how great the jewelry is! Swoon. See more of the Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff collection at their website here.


Well, hello. It appears I have been neglecting my blog, but I’m back. Or getting there. May has brought a lot of changes – the biggest being a house! That’s right. Noah and I are now homeowners. Or I guess technically we will be in 30 years. Either way, we’re ecstatic! Slowly but surely the sea of boxes are being unpacked and we are starting to settle in. So since I could actually see the computer poking out of the chaos today, I thought I’d share some pictures I took for Emancipet. This past Monday was Emancipet’s annual luncheon – this year celebrates their 14th year! If you’re not familiar with them let me share their mission with you: “To make spay/neuter and preventive veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet guardians.” Awesome, right? Emancipet believes that spaying and neutering pets is one of the most efficient and effective methods of reducing the homeless pet population. I am a believer, so to say I love what Emancipet does would be a massive understatement. Thus, when they asked me to do some work with them I jumped at the opportunity. For the last few months we’ve been taking photos for their new website which is in the works. But today I wanted to share the pics we took of a few of their clients and their furry-loved ones – all of whom love Emancipet as much as I do.

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