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Paul Frank Pet Products by 26 Bars & A Band

Let me share three things that I’m over the moon about: 1. Dogs. (Duh!) 2. Paul Frank Products by 26 Bars & A Band, and 3. Pretty Fluffy (trust me, if you heart dogs you will love this blog). So imagine how happy overload I went when all 3 of these worlds collided into a shoot and a fantastic post on Pretty Fluffy featuring my photos. Happy overload indeed!


Everybody, this is Butters! Butters is the newest member of our family and we are head over heels for her. How old is she? We don’t know. But the best guess is between 4 – 5 months. What kid of dog is she? Well, we don’t know that either, but I’d say it’s fairly obvious she’s some kind of terrier mix (her behavior totally backs this up – there has been more than one doggie toy massacre over here so far, and I’m becoming a full-time fluff cleaner upper). What we do know is that Butters was dumped in front of a restaurant by some awful people, then taken to a shelter and finally fostered through (the super awesome), Austin Dog Alliance. Which is where we found her. So six weeks ago, we went and met her, handed over our hearts to her and brought her home to live with us. I’m slightly obsessed with taking pictures of her right now, and imagine I will continue to be, so expect to see more pictures down the road. (Spoiler Alert: See the cute Blanket ID tag she’s wearing in the last picture? I recently did a shoot for them and will be sharing those pictures very soon!)

Just Popping In…

…to wish you all a very happy Monday! More from my shoot with Usagi (the cute little fur-ball pictured here), later this week.

Olive’s Portrait – A 2012 PDN Faces Contest Winner!

So, I’ve kept pretty mum about this since I found out about a month ago, but the issue just came out, and seeing it in print makes it real enough to start gabbin’ about it. My portrait of Olive was picked as a winner in PDN’s (Photo District News) 2012 Faces Contest. Yesterday I picked up the issue at my local bookstore and did a happy dance the whole way home. It’s full of some truly outstanding work, and I am honored to be in there. Even as I write this, I’m still smiling about it now. Check out my pic of Olive below, and to see the whole gallery of winner’s click here.

Happy Friday!

Have a ball. (Too obvious?)

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