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Have you ever met a dog with a business card? Of course you have. Ridiculous of me to ask. Well then, perhaps from the hundreds of business card-carrying dogs you’ve met, Logan was one of them. You’d remember him for sure — about 19 feet tall, ruggedly handsome and wears a jaunty English cap? Yep, that’s him. You also probably know that Logan is a therapy dog, which means his job is to get pet and make people feel better. (It’s a job I’m currently seeking for myself, by the way.) Anyway, his über-coolness has been recently recognized with a glamourous cover photo on the always fabulous Pawsh magazine. I’m always psyched to be able to shoot a cover, and Logan being the subject made it even better. And now without further ado, Logan.


When I was asked to shoot the first annual cover of T.U.G. (an acronym for The Ultimate Guide) put out by Haute Dog Magazine, I jumped at the chance. Susan Patton, the editor and dog lover through and through, wrote me an email a few days before the shoot saying she had found our cover dog. She said he was, “Amazing and completely perfect!” And boy, oh, boy, was she right.

For the record, I fall in love with just about every animal I photograph, but Nook was no ordinary kind of love. He shot a love arrow right through my heart. Maybe it was the fact he was scruffy. I’ve always had a soft spot for scruffers. Or maybe it was the fact that he was a three-legged dog. Or maybe it was just that Nook was available – Nook was homeless. Cue heart-wrenching.

When Nook was found he had a broken leg. It was so badly broken the only viable option was to amputate his leg. A local shelter outside of Austin – The Lampasas Animal Shelter – took him in, pooled their money and paid for his surgery. How great are they? After the surgery Nook found a foster home through Austin Dog Rescue. And it was his foster mom (Cori), that allowed us to spend a few fun-filled hours with the little heart thief.

Any pet photographer will tell you that shooting animals can have it’s challenges. Some dogs are too hyper, some are too food oriented, some just aren’t interested. Nook was none of those. He was (and I say this with no bias), the perfect model. He sat on the set like a pro. And he worked it. It was impossible NOT to get a good shot of Nook. And when Nook wasn’t on set, he would casually jump up on my couch and curl up and make himself at home.

Since losing our dog, Beans last year I’ve had a horribly hard time opening myself up to bring another dog in to our house. Some people lose a dog and go out and get another the next week – I am not one of those people. I’m what you’d call a slow mourner. So when we moved to Austin I had no issue signing a lease on a house that didn’t allow us to have dogs. After spending a few hours with Nook I regretted that decision. When the shoot was over Noah and I agreed to talk to our landlord to see if we could change her mind. In the meantime Nook was adopted. When I heard the news I had mixed emotions. Of course I was overjoyed Nook found a good home. I was just a little sad that it wasn’t ours. I know there are a staggering number of dogs out there that need a good homes and with a little push from Nook I now know I’m ready to open up that piece of my heart again.

I’d like to send many thanks to Susan Patton, editor of Haute Dog Magazine, and T.U.G. I’d also like to thank the Lampasas Animal Shelter, Austin Dog Rescue, Nook’s foster mom, Cori and especially Nook and Nook’s new forever mom Brenda.


Meet Cash. One of the most beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback’s I’ve ever met. He’s a 3 year old purebred, who was found at a rescue shelter and lives here in Austin. If you’ve never met a Ridgeback before I highly suggest you get out there and do so. They are ridiculously loyal, incredibly intelligent and Cash was no exception. He was sweet and full of personality and totally worked for treats, which is something that usually works for me as well. Especially if said treats are orange and peanut shaped, or are sugar-coated and come in chick shape. But we were talking about Cash weren’t we.

Bella & Brea

Happy Monday. I will celebrate with PUPPIES!!!!

Austin Humane Society’s Most Adoptablest Part II

The weekend before last, I went back to the AHS and we snapped another round of pics of some of their most adoptablest pets before their Mega Madness Event. What is the Mega Madness Event you ask? Well, it’s amazing for starters – in an effort to reduce overcrowding in the shelter and find homes for a whole lotta loving pets, the AHS waived their adoption fees on hundreds of animals, giving them away free (FREE!) to loving homes. I’m thrilled to report that the Austin community pulled together and over 200 animals found their new homes! How incredible is that? Unfortunately there are still many, many more that need homes, including some of the ones pictured here. So have a look, and pass them on. Well, get going. What are you still doing sitting here?

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